How It Works

Using IRIS is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Upload Users

Manually, via Spreadsheet or via API Automatically

2. Broadcast Your Message

Compose Message, Select Group & Broadcast. Done!

3. View Real-Time Report

Instantly verify who Received Your Message, on Which Device, and More.

IRIS Features:

Speed & Reliability

IRIS notifications are delivered immediately through thousands of redundant connections, ensuring immediate delivery regardless of potential network outages, downed lines and off line systems.

Global Service

All across North America to Europe, Asia, even Australia - IRIS has you covered around the globe.

Two-Way SMS

Truly engage your audience with two-way text messaging.


Need to group your message recipients, or nest your groups in sub-groups? IRIS offers unlimited groups and sub-groups.

Geo-Located Notices

Define a specific geographic area in which users will receive any notice.


Translate your notices into any of more than 20 languages offered.

Schedule Alerts

Tell IRIS when you want your message to be sent. This is great for reminders.

Voice Record

Send personalized messages in your voice. Great for holidays, reminders and political calls.


Create type-written notices that are translated to audio messages.

One-Click Alerts

Have a message you want to send repeatedly? Save it in your IRIS Message Library and use it when needed.

Automated Responses

Create Automated Responses for anticipated replies to any notification.

Surveys and Polls

Looking for volunteers? Want to get feedback regarding a topic? IRIS offers a robust interactive survey.

Easy Contact Management

IRIS offers you two methods to easily upload and update your contacts. Use the secure IRIS portal, or send data through our API. And export or download all of your data at any time.

Developer Tools

IRIS offers a robust API (Application Programming Interface) for sending alerts, checking reports and managing users.

Comprehensive Reporting

Real-time reporting for every message you send out. Reports are downloadable, as well!

24/7/365 Support

Frustrated with automated support? We are too! Call IRIS Support and you will speak with a live human - any time, every time!
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